Welding & Fabrication

We're here to help, guide and advise.

Proweld SW provide a professional and comprehensive Coded Welding & Fabrication service. We help guide and advise – No Job too big or too small.

Proweld SW Ltd have a vast knowledge and experience of the engineering and manufacturing industry. The company provides a comprehensive professional welding, fabrication and repairs service, suitable for industrial, domestic and business users.

Welding is the fusing of two work pieces to form one. It is a precise, reliable, cost effective and high tech method of joining materials and is applied to a wide variety of materials and products. It can be used for creating unique products of innovative shapes and designs.

We specialise in MIG welding and offer our customers a professional, reliable, affordable service, consisting of machine components and repairs, small batch runs of specialist products, all aspects of pipe work, structural steel work and general fabrication. We have the ability and facilities to weld and fabricate from drawings, rotational pipe welding and also automated welding. We are also proud to offer an oxyacetylene cutting/bending and plasma cutting service.

We also offer a Dye Penetrant testing and inspection service for non porous metal and non metal components to find material discontinuities that are open to the surface and may not be evident to normal visual inspection. We have the ability and competence to test all welds and perform pressure testing to certain PSI bar ratings as required.

“We are more than happy with the service Jeff has provided for us. He helped, advised and guided us with our project from start to finish. We’ll definitely be using Proweld SW again!”
Mr Bradley